DTF Printing Equipment – Why You Should Not Purchase!


If you’re looking to invest in DTF printing equipment, looks like you already know all of it advantages. But, have someone talked to you about the darkside? ;)

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing DTF Printing Equipment

Usage: Needs to print constantly to prevent clogging

Before investing in DTF printing equipment, it’s crucial to consider your printing volume. DTF printers require regular printing to prevent clogging and maintain optimal performance. If your printing needs are sporadic or low volume, a DTF printer may not be the most cost-effective option. In such cases, it might be more suitable to utilize an on-demand printing service such as Ton Atelier Transfers when you have a few items to print at once.

Costs, Quality, Work – Numbers $$$

It’s important to evaluate the overall costs, ALL OF THE COSTS.

  • Electricity: most/all printers are running on 220V which is not standard in Canada. You will need to hire an electrician to install two new outlets. If working from home, make sure the breakers will support it (most probably not). ~ 1,000$
  • Ventilation: DTF fumes are very toxic for breathing. A fume extractor will not work (we have tried them). So a fume extraction system outside your building with an exhaust and piping will be necessary to a healthy work environment. ~ 300$
  • AC: DTF conveyor will heat up your place really fast, you will need to install an AC system to make sure your place is cooled at 21°C – 25°C. Too much heat will get your head and inks clogging ~ 4,000$
  • Humidifiers: DTF printers works best at a minimum of 40% – 60% Humidity ~ 150$
  • Printer and Shaker: ~ 20,000 – 50,000$. Depending on configuration (number of heads) and the shaker length price can vary between those ranges.
  • A computer: a mac will not work with common RIP Softwares. You will need a decent computer with enough ram to process all of the images ~ 1,000$
  • RIP Software: CadLink price is around 1,200$

Roughly it will cost you around 27,000$ – 60,000$ on the first day.


Customer Service and Warranty Protection

Another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing DTF printing equipment is the level of customer service and warranty protection provided by the manufacturer. Getting a printer directly from China is one of the worst ideas. Customer support is non existant and keep in mind that when it’s day in Canada, it’s nightime in China.

You can look up for reputable printing companies providers in Canada. Make sure to look around for reviews and their services. You will spend a lot of time on the phone talking to them for day to day maintenance.

Disadvantages of Investing in a DTF Printer

Time Loss

A DTF printer will grab your soul from all of your other daily tasks. You cannot print, stop and start again. You cannot leave the printer without surveillance as things can go wrong pretty fast. Basically instead of running your shop, doing sales, talking to customers, prints t-shirts, you will spend all of your time monitoring the printing process. Based on our customers testimonials, something that could have saved them time, has became a headache to manage. They are currently desperate to sell a printer. Lookup on the marketplace, a printer you bough for 20k is now worth no more than 5k.

Additionally, if you want to have an operational shop, you will need to hire an employee that YOU will need to train to operate the machine. Do not forget that you will also spend a lot of time making sure the customers provided designs are print ready. This will be time consuming.

How are you going to ship the transfers? Do you have a packaging system in place? Who will run the quality control once it’s printed? Because you will not be able to catch everything up while it’s printing.

Quality issues

There will be hours and hours of trial and error to dial up your perfect percentage of white ink, curing temperature and speed before hitting that perfect print.


We wish there was no maintenance to do!

Everyday without changing anything, your colors may vary a little. This is mostly affected by the temperature, humidity in your room and the inks viscosity.

The most common problems are:
– Head strikes, new heads are around 1,200$ each
– White inks clogging and is less opaque
– Head alignment errors
– Dumpers changing
– Banding (lines in colors)
– Grainy effect in designs
– Color matching with your monitor or Pantone book
– Powder sticking outside the print area


Do not forget to stock on suplies such as inks, powder and film.You will also need to make sure to stock them the right way! Ink must be shaked daily and film should be stored in a cool dry environment.

Conclusion: the alternative

Partnering with a DTF Transfers supplier like Ton Atelier

Average printing cost for a regular size shop varies between 0.013$ and 0.019$ per square inch.

Is it really worth to go through all of this headache for an extra couple of dollars at the end of the day?

Partnering with a reliable DTF Transfers supplier like Ton Atelier can offer you a cost-effective and efficient solution for your printing needs. Our business resell price per square inch is at only 0.019$. You will gain more by outsourcing your transfers needs to a reputable supplier than doing it yourself. That way, you can continue to concentrate on sales and your business overall grow.

By leveraging Ton Atelier’s expertise and high-quality DTF transfers, you can achieve professional and vibrant prints without the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. With Ton Atelier’s wide selection of special transfers and related products, you can find the perfect solution to meet your customization requirements. And because we think about customers so much, we also offer flat rate shipping across Canada. Isn’t that a real deal!

Don’t burden yourself with the cost and maintenance of DTF printing equipment, when Ton Atelier can provide you with the convenience and expertise you need to elevate your printing capabilities. Boost your revenue and increase your profit margins by partnering with Ton Atelier for all your DTF printing needs. Satisfaction guaranteed, your business will be in good hands with Ton Atelier.

Apply for a reseller account today here: Make more profit or contact our sales department at [email protected]

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