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Benefits of Marketing with Ton Atelier x Borgia

We have scaled our printing business – so can you!
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Why advertise your printing business with us?

Ton Atelier as a printing mentor

We have become a big player in the Canadian printing industry thanks to our passion, but we can’t deny the value of paid marketing. We know the ins-and-outs: Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Embroidery; and now, Marketing.

Borgia Digital as a marketing mentor

Drive your business with real data. Borgia Digital is a knowledgeable agency that provides marketing sales funnels that just… work. Run your Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns like a Pro 🏦.

Scared of failure? Don't be

We have done the research and tested what works and, of course, what doesn’t. Now, we’d like to share this winning formula to grow your business: attract new customers and create loyalty amongst your customers.

Are they listening to us?

Have you ever said something out loud, Googled it and then it’s all over your feed? Interesting, right? We’ll make this happen for your brand and much more. Convert customers that are shopping elsewhere to buy from you.

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Your FAQs, Our Expertise


At Borgia, we streamline your marketing funnel using an all-in-one tracking solution to optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Simply fill out our form, and our team will contact you to determine if you qualify for our Funnel Growth Program. We will discuss all the details and tailor the options to meet your specific needs. Our service includes coaching calls to ensure you get the most from our system. It’s like having customized merchandise, but for your marketing!

Our pricing is structured to align with your existing ad spend, ensuring that we can guarantee an effective Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

From $2,750/month + 10% ad spend

Within just 90 days, we guarantee that you’ll have a robust marketing system in place that effectively generates sales and elevates your brand like never before. Our approach is grounded and tailored specifically to your brand’s unique identity and needs.

Fill our initial form and the onboarding process begins, a member of our team will connect with you to request access to your Google and Meta accounts. This step is crucial to ensure proper tracking and to integrate our systems effectively with your existing setup.