Screen Printed Transfers

Print like a professional screen printer - with a heat press.

Most Popular. Screen Printed Transfers.

Ultra Soft Transfers

  • All general purpose transfer
  • Super soft and breathable prints
  • Up to 6 printed colors
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Ultra Color Transfers

  • The only choice for single color prints
  • Super bright color
  • 1 printed color
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Ultra Stretchable Transfers

  • For extra stretchable items
  • Increased stretch resistance
  • Up to 6 printed color
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Puff Transfers

  • The best for puff effect transfers
  • Super puffy effect
  • Any printed pantone color
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Metallic Transfers

  • Metallic effect transfers
  • Metallic Gold & Silver
  • Mix metallic and regular colors
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Shimmer Transfers

  • Shimmer effect transfers
  • Three different shimmer colors
  • Mix shimmer with regular colors
  • Most suitable for 24+ items

Save time - Increase sales

Save time on screen making

Save your time but avoiding to prepapre screens and reclaim screens after jobs.

Increase quality

Forget about fibrillation and dye migration.

Save time on color separations

Save your time by letting us do the complicated color separation process.

Save money on stock

Save money on supplies and stock inks.

Apply in a minute. Prior to approval.

Focused on growing together

Should you consider using them?

People familiar with screen printing

Are you a screen printer? On a manual?

Keep the same screen printing quality your customers are used to but with less work.

Do not worry about screen making, color separation, reclaiming, inks in stock, white issues  and so on… We know the struggle because we do it every day.


Our goal is to help printers achieve their final goal faster. Help you get that auto printer faster than you would ever want. How? Simply focus on sales and grow your business. 


Let us do the heavy production work. Invest your time in something more important rather than making screens and pulling squeegees. Time is the most important asset you have at the moment, use it wisely!

Print shop that want to step up

Not a screen printer yet?

Even better! If you are a garment decorator using DTF Transfers or Vinyl on a daily basis this new transfer type might stand out your business from the competition.


What will you get?


– Better color accuracy and 100% Pantone matching.

    (this is important for customers with established image, such      as Pepsi, Bell, McDonalds and so on).

– Softer hand feel. 

– Special effect printing.

   (puff, shimmer and metallic)

– Cheaper pricing on bulk orders.


Screen Printed Transfers are not ideal for small productions. Mostly used to print 24+ items

Your FAQs, Our Expertise

Screen Printed Transfers FAQ

Screen printed transfes are printed on a flat bed printing press. 

The process is similar with regular screen printing. However, instead of printing on a garment, we get it printed on paper.

Screen printed transfers are printed with Plastisol inks.

Inks are cured to the gel temperature.

Each color is printed separately. For example if we have a 3 colors design of 50 sheets. We print the first colors on all 50 sheets, than we change the screen to the second colors to print all of the 50 sheets and so on.

The maximum printable area is 12″ x 16″

Both transfers are the same durability. The most important step is the application process with a heat press.

Screen Printed Transfers are to be pressed whit a heat press following these parameters.

Temperature: 330 F
Time: 8 seconds
Pressure: medium/firm

Peel hot.