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Our multi purpose soft transfer – screen printing similar 

Be a PRO : Read all of the tabs prior to submitting your order
Turnaround time : 3 business days ( Single color transfers & < 100 sheets)
5 business days ( Multi color transfers & > 100 sheets)

  • Most popular transfer for general garments : t-shirts, fleeces, sweatpants, polos and much more
  • Screen printed look and soft hand feel
  • Matte finish prints. (Black ink is a little more shiny than any other ink colours)
  • Hot peel release transfer for faster production
  • Made to last as a traditional screen printing, put it in the washer and dryer!

Suited for the following fabrics

  • Cotton
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • Polyester
  • Tri-Blends

Must be applied with a heat press 

  • Prepress the garment to remove moisture and flatten the fibers
  • Temperature : (330°F – 350°F)
  • Time : 7 seconds – 10 seconds
  • Pressure : firm (make sure to not scorch the fabric)
  • Transfer can be covered with a teflon or parchment paper to avoid garment scorching
  • Peel hot, as soon as you open the heat press
    Important : higher temperature and pressure will result in a less opaque print. Pro tip : add a white underbase to printed colors!

Upload your designs in the following requirements

  • Created at a 300 dpi resolution
  • Transparent background
  • Minimum line weight of 2 pixels. Example : Download .pdf label example here
  • Minimum recommended empty space between two lines is 2 pixels
  • Make sure your designs are not pixelated. Bad input will result in a bad output. Example : fuzzy edges
  • Vector art is suggested. (.ai or .eps)
  • Upload your designs in the exact colors as they should be printed
  • Transfers are printed with Pantone Coated colors
  • Accepted files : .ai, .eps, .png, .psd, & .pdf (by email only)
  • Printable area is 12″ x 16″. For prepared gang sheets upload your sheet at 12″ x 16″ exactly

Disclaimer : In order to burn a proper screen to print transfers a minimum line weight of 2px is required. All submitted designs will be printed as is. We cannot guarantee a perfect print with lines less than 2px weight. Please verify your artwork. We are not responsible for any quality loss if the design does not meet the requirements.

(minimum order quantity : 2 sheets per gang sheet)

  1. Select the correct number of colors printed on your gang sheet (up to 6 colors)
  2. Select the transfer type
  3. Add a white base or dye blocker to your printed sheet
  4. Input the exact printed Pantone Coated colors on your sheet & custom notes.
  5. Click on the “Start and upload design” button to upload your prepared file or design your sheet online.
    – “Upload a full design” button : simply upload your prepared sheet (12″ x 16″) with all of the designs.
    – “Design here online” button : drag and drop your designs to create the transfer sheet on the website.
  6. Click on process button when ready.
  7. Change the exact quantity of sheets needed near the “Start and upload design” button.
  8. The pricing will change depending on quantity.
  9. Click on Add to Cart to complete your order.
  10. Pro tip : our designer web tool is on a transparent background. If you have white in your design and you cannot see it clearly on the designer tool, please change it to pink or any other colors. In the notes field simply let us know : print pink as white.

Must be applied with a heat press 

  • All colors are printed separetely using screen printing screens. We start by printing the first color. Once the first color is printed, it’s then gelled in the conveyor dryer. Once all of the sheets are printed with one color, we change screens to apply the second color.
  • All Pantone colors are mixed in house. We try to mix the closest ink color based on pigment formulas. Some differencies in shading may occur.
  • Applying transfers on dark garments? You may need to underbase prints!
    • Transfers ink is more opaque than traditional screen printing ink. However, some colors may require an underbase. If you want to make your colors pop and not worry about color migration from the garment. We highly recommend to add an underbase to your prints.
  • White, Black and Grey inks does not need to be underbased.
  • Do you have white ink on your sheet and some additional colors? Simply check ✓ the appropriate tab to underbase colors with your white screen.