Get transfers dropshipped to your customers

We print and ship your orders to your customers as it was you

Increase your revenue right now

No need to buy expensive printing equipment

Let the maintenance of heavy printing equipments to us. We have a dedicated production and technician team to offer the most fluid printing experience

No need to hire people

Operate your business only a few hours a day. Concetrate on development and sales. Let us do the fulfillment.

No need to manage shipping

Did you know shipping is really expensive? And have you thought about boxes and packaging?
We take care all of the logistic. We are efficient and automated!

Sell transfers and enjoy the income

Our customers gain on average 6,000$ per month after costs. That’s an amazing oportunity to offer your the lifestyle you always wanted.

Apply in a minute. Prior to approval.


Find your niche

Find and nurture your niche. Something you are familiar with and what you love. Once you find your niche and a customer base, your sales will sky rocket.

Offer unique premade or custom designs. Once you become a reliable source in the industry for your specific niche, customers will trust you and pay the price you deserve for your products.

Your FAQs, Our Expertise

How it works - like exactly?

Create a business account by following this link: Business Application

If you have not registered your business, not a problem. You have 3 months to register your business with authorities and submit us your registration information.

We wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so it only takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Make sure to set your company’s address and logo in your account settings. You can do so by clicking here, or by navigating to My Account -> Blindship Settings. The option is currently available to Resellers only. If you’re not in the Resellers program yet, be sure to apply as soon as possible to be approved on time.
  2. Choose the Blindship Option during checkout. Don’t forget to verify that the shipping from address is the right one 👌.
  3. Once confirmed, you can proceed to checkout and let our team take care of the rest!

Start placing orders on our website and select Blindship checkbox our checkout page.

We will print and pack your orders as it was you – shipped directly to your customers!