Top 5 Printing Niches in September

As September ushers in the fall season, it also signals the start of a busy period for the printing industry. Many businesses and individuals ramp up their custom printing needs with the approach of back-to-school and various holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The global print-on-demand market reached $5.397 billion in 2022, and is projected to surge to $39.035 billion by 2031, showcasing an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 26.2% . This growth presents a significant opportunity for businesses to get involved in this thriving industry.

University Clubs and Groups

In September, universities see the formation of various clubs and groups, and they often order custom merchandise for the entire academic year. This includes personalized club designs, names, and positions, which help distinguish and unify students. Custom apparel, bottles, and other items cater to student cohorts like nurses, computer science majors, and engineers. Word of mouth can be a powerful way to tap into the university printing market, especially if you have connections or friends attending these institutions.

Sport Teams

Canada is synonymous with hockey, and as the school year starts, new sports teams emerge. These teams require custom names and numbers on their jerseys. Direct-to-film (DTF) printing offers a cost-efficient and efficient method for customizing garments, making it an attractive option for handling multiple prints quickly and accurately.

Winter Focus Companies

With Canada’s abundant snowfall, snow removal companies are in high demand during the winter season. Offering custom hoodies and jackets to these hardworking crews can be a lucrative business. Consider reaching out to snow removal companies in your area through cold emails to offer custom-printed items.

Thanksgiving Canada Gifts

Custom printing for Thanksgiving provides an excellent opportunity to add warmth and creativity to family and friend gatherings. You can achieve this through custom aprons, UV sticker-enhanced menu plans, and family-themed designs on various garments.

Cozy/Fall Content

Embracing the cozy fall season with custom printing is a delightful way to capture the essence of autumn. Create custom fall apparel like hoodies, sweaters, and long-sleeve shirts featuring autumnal colors and leaf patterns. Additionally, personalized fall mugs with cozy designs are perfect companions for enjoying hot beverages during crisp mornings and while watching your favorite TV shows.

These custom printing ideas cater to the unique demands and sentiments of the fall season, offering a wide range of creative opportunities for both businesses and individuals alike.

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