Pricing will be adjusted on the customizer page.

Artwork will be printed at the uploaded size. Follow the ruler for proper sizing.

Quick tips on how to order

  1. Prepare your artwork in a graphic software. Make sure your sheet is 12″ x 16″, 300dpi resolution, transparent background. Accepted files : .png
  2. Drag and drop your prepared sheet in our customizer page. The designer tool interface is 12″ x 16″. Resize it at the limits.
  3. Do not mirror your design.
  4. Make sure your designs are not pixelated. Bad input will result in a bad output. You can always email us to verify if your artwork is adequateVector art exported as .png is preferred.
  5. Each section in between two lines is 1″ wide on the customizer page.
  6. Minimum type size is 10 points. Minimum line weight is 2 points. Type should be of medium or bold weight. A space between two lines of 2pts is suggested to minimise ink gain.

Pricing is per sheet, different sheet designs can’t be added together.

If you have a quality loss when uploading your design to our customizer tool. Please proceed with the order and then simply email us your prepared artwork at the following address : [email protected] (include your order #)

Production turnaround time : view here