DTG PRINTING in montreal


We are printing directly from a printer, colour vibrance and details are preserved.

Complex designs

The best way to go is to print with DTG( direct to garment) for complex designs and photos.


Same result for hundreds of t-shirts


DTG printing is the process of printing your garment directly from a printer. Direct to garment printer use a special ink that is absorbed by the fibers of the garment. DTG is great for prints that have complex details. It may be more expensive that screen printing, but you will be happy with the results.


Please note : Ton Atelier Sérigraphie is working in partnership with Insatsu and ArtFabrics in order to provide a DTG service. Ton Atelier Sérigraphie does not operate any DTG printers as we are specialized in screenprinting and embroidery. Sometimes a DTG printing delay may occur, that we are not responsible for. You are free to contact us for any updates.